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Brimfield Public Access welcomes brief notices of public interest including events, availability and services from nonprofit and town government organizations serving the town. 

We emphasize brief because these are read by readers on our public or government access channels, 191 and 192, in a rotating slideshow. Twenty words or less is one guideline. And we want readability so your message gets through. So the basic facts will do it. From there add "For More Information" contact info such as telephone, email or website. And someone may need time to write that down, so definitely keep it short to have them read and record it.

Please email your brief copy or .jpeg image files to


All items are subject to editing. Some tips:


  • Please allow 3 weeks to process announcements under normal circumstances. We are a part-time operation.

  • Send photos and/or logos as .jpg files ... these help draw attention. 

  • You may create your entire slide on your own .jpg file in PowerPoint or elsewhere using a 16:9 width-to-depth (aspect) ratio,
    or 1920 by 1080 pixels.

  • If you plan to submit frequently you or we can devise a template for keeping your announcements in the same format with logo, etc.


COMING SOON: Your short video can run as a Public Service Announcement instead of a static slide.


Email us at 

Our normal office hours are 6-8 p.m. Mondays except when Monday holidays occur and they are pushed to Tuesdays.

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