Building Community and Civic Awareness

Big Improvements Are Here!

We have launched a new cablecasting system which currently restores  Video-on-Demand capability; government meetings and events since 2015 are currently loaded on the system and viewable with a click or two. Visit our link for the searchable Video-on-Demand, and view past programs online. 

We also invite your community announcements for our new, enhanced bulletin board for any nonprofit purpose. Submit your announcement by email.

  • Coming Soon! We will be able to live stream events online for viewing on any internet device.

Get into a "new normal" of catching our local television programs. Live and repeated on ...

LOCAL ACCESS CHANNEL 191 for a variety of  local or regional shows from comedy  or music to health info, and you can always make your own with our help!

GOVERNMENT ACCESS CHANNEL 192 for town meetings and events.

EDUCATIONAL ACCESS CHANNEL 194 running out of Tantasqua Regional High School.